Exchange Student in Indonesia for one month

I am Mary Catherine G. Miciano, a 4th year education student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Eduation Major in Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) in Iloilo Science and Technology University, Philippines. It was a privilige and honor to be part of Sea -Teacher Project which is to have our practice teaching in foreign land for 28 days. I am blessed to be choosen to have my practicum in Indonesia. It can give me much experiences especially having new techniques and strategies in teaching method, also to boost my self-confidence, and adapting foreign land cultures.

August 2, 2018 was our scheduled date to go to Indonesia. We took three flights from Iloilo City Philippines to reached in Balikpapan, Indonesia. Iloilo City -Manila Philippines, Manila to Jakarta, Indonesia, Jakarta to Balikpapan. Balikpapan Airport was the nearest airport where our coordinator and buddy can fetch us.

August 3, 2018 when we are already in the Balikpapan airport it has approximately 3 hours by plane from Jakarta. Our coordinator, Miss Ariyanti with Siti (student from Widya Gama Mahakam University) and Miss Rinda one of the lecturer in Universitas Widya Gama Mahakam fetched us in the airport and welcome us warmly.


My receiving university assigned me to teach in Bunga Bangsa Islamic School.


Bunga Bangsa Samarinda Islamic Middle School is under the auspices of the Bunga Bangsa Foundation. The worsening condition of the social environment marked by the increasingly rampant drug abuse prompted the Bunga Bangsa Foundation to establish a junior high school unit in 2009 as a further education for alumni of the Bunga Bangsa Islamic Elementary School. Located on an area of 15 ha, Bunga Bangsa Islamic Middle School carries the concept of Green School. With a strategic position on Jl. IN. Pandjaitan No 51, Bunga Bangsa Islamic Middle School has easy access to reach. The existence of Bunga Bangsa Islamic Middle School is expected to play a role in educating future leaders
These expectations are outlined in the following vision and mission as a framework for managing the Bunga Bangsa Islamic Middle School to suit the wishes of stakeholders.

Educate students to be healthy and strong superior generation, have high faith and piety, excellent work ethic, smart, skilled, international minded and love the homeland

Organizing education in faith and piety based on Islamic religion
Organizing quality education with a quality management approach
Bunga Bangsa Islamic Middle School uses the concept of Full-day School with the basic concepts of “Integrated-Activity” and “Integrated-Curriculum”. This means that all children’s programs and activities in school; ranging from learning, playing, eating, and worship packed in an education system.

Bunga Bangsa is an Islamic School, they offer kindergarten up to senior high school and they also have the special education for those students who need a special needs. The schoolhas three curriculum: 1. National Curriculum 2. Cambridge Curriculum 3. Islamic Curriculum.

During our first day in Indonesia teachers and staff of Bunga Bangsa Islamic School and Bunga Bangsa Foundation had an welcoming ceremony to us. We started by introducing ourselves, our name, age, what school we came from, what course we are taking up and country we came from. They are so kind and we are so overwhelmed. The vice principal, Miss Azisah told us that our mentor will be Miss Febby.

After the welcoming, Mr. Yudi one of the teachers in Bunga Bangsa Islamic School, tour us around the school campus.

💢This is their open field. Students from primary school held their flag ceremony in this area. And a football field also for extra curricular activities.

💢This is the pantry, where students and teachers took their lunch.

💢One of 8th graders classroom


💢Laboratory Room

💢Counseling Room


It was my first meeting to my mentor. My mentor’s name is Miss Febby Aquaningsih. She gave me the schedule of classes which I need to observe, assist and had my actual teaching she also told me what class I am going to teach. She assigned me to Grade 7 class. Miss Febby also shown to me the sample lesson plans they have, introduced the subject I will teach which is the ENGLISH subject. She presented the books I need to my practicum. I observed different classes it includes English class, Art class and I had a chance to observed in the inclusive room. My mentor, Miss Febby told to me to observe Miss Mira’s Grade 7 english class. Miss Mira started the class by reciting an islamic prayer and she asked me to introduced my self to her class. I started introducing myself by saying my name, the course I’m taking up, the university which I am enrolled, my country, and lastly the purposed of being in Bunga Bangsa Islamic School. I explained to them that I will have my 28 days practice teaching there as an exchange pre-service student-teacher by SEAMEO. Miss Mira’s class was an interesting class the lesson is about places, district and cities. Students are participating and interacting to the discussion. They also asked me about the tourist spots in the Philippines because it relates to their topic. Miss Mira uses various techniques to catch the attention of her class. My second observation was in Miss Febby’s Grade 8 english class, her topic is about household chores. She started the class by playing a game called “charade” to make the students be motivated to the new lesson. Her students is very participative and listening well to the discussion. Students are very active especially during recitation. They tend to raised their hands and share there ideas to the whole class. My third observation was in Mr Hadi’s Grade 7 english class, the topics are “Does and Do” “Like and Dislike”. As I observed, Mr Hadi delivered the topic well, he gave first an example on how to use” Do” or “Does” in the sentence or interrogative questions. Then he assessed students by asking randomly to his students to give one sample question for DO and one for DOES. Students are alert and active to the recitation. They are very good. On the same meeting I had to observed also grade 8 Art class, students are taught not only in academics but also in skills. Students are being taught how to make a clay. In this art class, students are able to learn new things and think more creative. I observed that the teacher is showing or modeling first on how to make a clay. After that students are learning by doing based on what they saw to their teacher. My fourth observation was at Miss Meli’s Grade 7 middle class, the topic is about pronunciation and grammar. Students are learning correct pronunciation. They listen first to the recording tape and miss Meli let them pronounce what they heard. My fifth observation is in Miss Febby’s one on one class in inclusive room. This is a special program for those students who need special needs in learning. Miss Febby is using a stragery where the student can understand the lesson in a very simple explanation. Miss Febby is trying to be patience and teaching by slow motion in order the student can understand the lesson well. These are my observations during monday to friday.

Photos during my observation:


As I observed teachers in Bunga Bangsa Islamic use different teaching techniques to the learners. Bunga Bangsa Islamic School has an accessible internet connection where students can connect to wifi and can access to research their assignments or group activity. Teacher also use laptop, projector and different books in delivering a lesson. They use the traditional assessment they gave students an activity after the lesson or discussion.



During this week I am already tasked to assisst and have my actual teaching to my students. I am assigned to teached grade 7 english class. I’ve already prepared my lesson plans, planned the teaching strategies which I will use to discussion. My first teaching assisst was in Miss Febby class. The discussion is about problems in Samarinda, students are tasked to have group work. They must choose one problem and they will make a solution and a conclusion to that particular problem and present their work. Miss Febby told me to prepare a hypothetical and difficult questions in order for the students to think more and to test their reasoning power. I assissted also to Mr Hadi’s class when he gave an assessment to his students. I’ve help watching over the students while they are taking the exam. I started my actual teaching in Miss Fifi’s class, the topic I tacked is about correct pronunciation of the names of each country. I use some strategies to let may students pronounce it well. So what I did is that, I syllabicate first the word and slowly pronounce it. After that I let my students to pronounce it also by rows. As an activity or assessment I let them answer to the books and checked after they are done. All of them are participating and doing there activity well. In the same day, I also teached to grade 7 english class, the topic is family tree and possessive nouns. I started my class with a movitation I use fill in the missing letters in the blank. I preferred to use it in order that my students will have the interest to learn about the new lesson. After that I already presented my lesson and dicussed it. I use laptop and projector as my materials in teaching. I prepared a powerpoint presentation to my lesson. I explained first to them what is a family tree and show to them an example. And I teached them also on how introduce a family member using possessive noun. As an activity I let my students draw a family tree and write down the names of their parents and siblings and introduce it to the whole class using possessive noun. During this week also I am assigned by my mentor to document and make a report to the events in the activities for the Independence day. I and my friend a sea teacher also had given the tasked to handle the scouting. We shared our knowledge about scouting in the Philippines. We also conducted a game to the students.


I had a class in grade 7 middle class my topics is subjects in Philippines and in Indonesia. I’ve listed down all the subjects taken by the students in PH and I let my students write also the subjects in Indonesia. And I let them compare and contrast. During that week also I handled, the grade 7 highest level english class, my topic is about culture in mind. I share some cultures about the PH, glimpse of our traditional foods, costumes, beliefs and way of life. My students are very interested to the lesson. They asked a lot of questions and listen attentively to the lesson.

Photos of 2nd and 3rd week:



This is already my last day in teaching , my evaluation for my final demo teaching. I prepared and choose the lesson that I will discuss and plan ahead my lesson plan. I started my lesson by motivating my students I show pictures and ask questions to them. After that I presented the lesson already and explain it to them. After the discussion I gave an activity as an evaluation if they learned in the discussion. The evaluators who evaluated my teaching is Miss Febby (my mentor) and Miss Rinda from my receiving university (Univesitas Widya Gama Mahakam) .

Photos of my evaluation teaching:


I as observed to the teachers they are always prepared to the lessons they will teached. They have their lessons plans written already. They use also teaching methods which students needs to. They master their lesson and explain/deliver their lesson well. They come on time to their classes also.


I write ahead my lesson plan. I start my class with motivation or an energizer. And ended my class with an activity. I use laptop, projector and book when discussing the topic. I consume 1 hour and 10 minutes in class. I make sure that students are listening well and reminding them that to keep quite when somebody is reciting or I am discussing the lesson.


Our student buddy accompanied us during our tuor in Samarinda City

Islamic Center.. We wear hijab when we entered to Islamic Center .

Our coordinator, Miss Ariyanti accompanied us to Lempake

Kutai Lama. We visited the graveyard of the late King of Kutai in Indonesia.

Lampion Garden

Citra Niaga

At Tepian, Mahakam River with our new friends from Widya Gama University.


Bunga Bangsa Islamic School had a farewell to us before leave Indonesia. They prepared a program. And we had our breakfast together

Our coordinator miss Ariyanti facilitated a “CROSS CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING” we shared our cultures in the Philippines, our Indonesian friends shared also their cultures to us. Through that we learned something on it.

With the Rector of Universitas Widya Gama Mahakam and our coordinator Miss Ariyanti.


Culture Experiences

1.Eid Adha experience, Muslim Feast Day. I witnessed how our Muslims friends celebrate this feast. I had seen how they slaughter the cow and the goat. We helped distribute the meat to the poor people because that is the spirit of the feast day.

2.Eating meals using bare hands.

3.Eating in the meals while just sitting in the floor.

4.Eating too spicy foods.

5. riding Angkot

6.Wearing Hijab


I completed 21 hours of assisting and actual teaching. The purposed of this practicum enables me to be efficient in english language, adapt other country curriculum and way of teaching, independence, confidence, self esteem and adpating new culture. This practicum helped a lot of things. It me gave the chance to travel abroad and teach to foreign students. It also gave so much experienced,  in terms of teaching, culture, and self esteem. Bunga Bangsa is an Islamic school and we are required to wear hijab. It my first time to wear hijab. Though I am not muslim but because the school is an Islamic school, we have to do so. It was my best experienced ever. And also I had a chance to witnessed the Eid Adha Feast. The challenge of the practicum was I was able to teach english subject though I am not a English major student my major in the Philippines is Technology and Livelihood Education but I take the chance to have this practicum because I know in myself that it can gave me more experiences and gained more teaching method, and be a flexible and creative teacher. My suggestion to this practicum is that pre-service student teacher can have their practicum more than 28 days to enchance and gain more experience.

Thankyou, SEAMEO for this opportunity. I am happy to be part of this SEA TEACHER PROGRAM. Thankyou also Universitas widya Gama Mahakam and our coordinator Miss Ariyanti.